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Why the Academy?

Obtaining certification through Kyriba will demonstrate your commitment to corporate treasury excellence.

These certification courses will help you become a subject matter expert in the Kyriba application, helping maintain and enhance your company’s Kyriba experience. Our Client certification program will develop the skills to efficiently administer, enhance and expand your Kyriba deployment, leveraging Kyriba’s best practice methodology.

Kyriba selects the most advanced trainers and subject matter experts for its training and certification program. The trainers have an average of seven years working with the Kyriba platform and bring real-world experience and anecdotes from when they were professional service consultants working with clients. Kyriba’s Training Certification empowers you by providing:

- A deep knowledge of the Kyriba application and its extensive functionality

- Best practices for enhancing your Kyriba implementation experience

- On-demand ELMS (Electronic Learning Management System), which provides detailed workflows to facilitate the learning experience.

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